Disgusting Customer Service


My dog was suffering with a lame front leg, after exploratory X-rays and various pain relief the bill totalled over £500, before I could make a claim the vet diagnosed him with cancer and was put to sleep. I made a claim for the previous tests and cancelled my policy as I longer had my dog. Purely pets paid my claim minus £99 excess and 15% of claim due to the dog bring over 8 and subsequently took the remaining £280 owed to me and offset it against the remaining 9 months premiums!!!!!!!!! And have written to me to say that I still owe them £90. I complained as had my dog convienently died near the policy renewal date I would have had all the money paid back to me, I also said that of course people would claim potentially before their pet died for the cost of treatment, isn't that the whole point of insurance? And was told that I shouldn't have claimed. No empathy as not only have a lost my pet, I am also severely out of pocket after trying to do the best for my dog. Disgusting




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