Terrible service, criminals!


I am just going to go to the financial ombudsman because petplan refuse to pay a claim for my puppy. This decision took 5 months to decide and customer service was apalling. They even offered me £100 in compensation for my 'pain'-which i basically told them to shove and keep. Even when their consultant vet rang my vet and my vet told them that my puppy had no signs of hip dysplasia when we took him for his first vacination (which was the only time he saw the vet in the first 14 days of the policy), they are claiming that during the first 14 days of the insurance policy he had the condition and that we and the vet knew about it. (This was based on an off the cuff comment that i made to the vet about him looking a funny shape-small head, big body and short stick like bandy legs-he is a cross springer/labrador and i was wondering more what features of each breed he would have). At this point the vet noted this in his records but also said that he had no concerns (otherwise would have suggested further investigation) and that it was probably poor muscle development and lack of good nutrician. Two weeks later he went back for his second vacination and the vet at this point checked him all over and was happy with his development over the last two weeks (he had filled out) and there were no hip/leg issues that he was concerned about. Three months later, after going lame and having x-rays, he was diagonosed with hip displaysia and now they are refusing to pay based on the flippant comment that i made on his first visit to the vets about stick like bandy legs. They are robbing crimials, i pay £42 a month for this insurance-daylight robbery! and until this is resolved finally i cannot change insurance companies.
I also have a policy for life for my two rabbits and have again been scammed. My rabbit got ill 4 days before the end of his policy renewal date and because of this the cost of the first visit to the vets is not being paid for (as it was below the excess), even though he is now having ongoing treatment for his condition. If i thought about it i should had delayed visiting the vet for 4 days or it had occurred mid way through his policy year it would have all been paid (other than the excess), again i feel robbed by this company, after paying £11 a month for the last 4 years for this policy. My advice is say clear of petplan.
I will take the refusal of the payment of the claim for my puppy as far as i can and will fight petplan all the way as i believe that my claim is a valid claim.


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