Good Insurance but run by greedy people


We have purchased Tesco Insurance for our dog since he was born from Tesco and within the last two years he started feeling sick and after a few of tests he was diagnosed with some allergies. Really thankful to Tesco and the way they proceeded with the claim and payments to the vet. They provided an excellent service but like most insurance company they started raising the policy premium to a point where it becomes more practical for us to pay for any treatment that can happen in future. The premium went from £25 to £45 in the 1st year and from £45 to £80.
This is obviously a tactic from their side to make you quit the policy when your pet might be of “high risk”.
So basically I am really disappointed with Tesco and if they act like this for their Insurance business model it will be the same for the rest of the business. So for me no more insurance, credit card or even shopping at Tesco.


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Posted: 16/01/2015

The exact same thing happened to me, so I have cancelled my policy today. In 2 years my premium has risen from £24 to £78. Greedy and money grabbing