Good insurance, but beware!


The Pet insurance Policy is a good policy and the company paid out quickly, it is because of this that I would still recommend them. However, potential customers need to be aware how much the cost will increase year on year.
Have insured my GSD with More Than since we got him at 8 weeks old.
We have had one claim which was for surgery for an undescended testicle (unlikely to recur!) the vet recommended castration at the same time. The payment was prompt and there was no problem with it.
My dog is now 6 years old, so far no further claims but the latest renewal premium is extortionate, almost £400! my car is less than this.
I challenged it last year at £350 but was told it was as my dog was getting older blah, blah, the usual.
How come, when this company know that I have only claimed once, I can get the same level of insurance for the same 6 year old dog for a lot less money if I take out a new policy with another company???
To heck with loyalty, I am voting with my feet and going elsewhere.


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Posted: 03/05/2014

Because when you take out a new policy it wont cover anything prior to the new start date so thats six whole years the new company doesnt provide cover for. Thats pretty muxch half of a dogs life

Posted: 19/02/2022
By: Gail

Just taken out pet insurance, going by some of these reviews have I made a huge Mistake???????