Common problems in dogs

As a devoted owner, your dog’s health and happiness is your top priority, but even the fittest dog can develop health issues or illnesses.

Thankfully most problems can be overcome easily or treated successfully, and some can be prevented entirely. It’s important to know a bit about the common illnesses and conditions which might affect your dog, so we’ve put together a range of articles to help keep you informed. We explain common issues and the symptoms to look out for, so you know when it’s time to seek advice from your vet.

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Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a distressing illness for dogs and their owners, causing a hacking, retching cough that can last for weeks. There have been large numbers of cases reported in many areas of UK in 2021 as puppies and dogs start socialising after lockdown.

Bloat in Dogs

Bloat is a life-threatening and extremely painful medical emergency in dogs, but it is thankfully rare. It’s important to know the symptoms of the condition as it can kill a dog quickly if not treated immediately.

Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot is, thankfully, a very rare disease first identified in UK in 2012. It is not known what causes the condition, and sadly it proves fatal in up to 8 out of 10 dogs who contract the disease.