Would not recommend pet insurance


I would never take out a pet insurance again and instead I will set up an account and put money into it. Every year my pet's insurance rose despite me never ever making a claim because I paid vet bills for any small injury so it did not rise. I had the Tesco Pet Insurance from 2016 up until I had to put my poor cat to sleep. I paid in excess of £8,500+ for this and it was only this year March 2024 that I used the insurance when my poor cat became ill. They paid the initial vet fees but sadly my cat had to be euthanised and the bill was way more than the £200 they paid me for this, Plus because the treatment had gone into renewed insurance period in April 2024 I had to pay another excess of £100. Tesco Pet Insurance need to review their costings as what they pay for the sad loss of a pet is more than £200 which does not cover the vet bill for this. Also despite receiving thousands over the years from me they should have made allowances for this. I will never take out an insurance policy for a pet ever again should I get another one once I have recovered from losing my beautiful cat.




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