Rip Off Insurers


My cat is now 18 years old and it is virtually impossible to change insurers when your pet is this age and has preexisting conditions.

This year Sainsbury's has increased my premium from £1,742.76 to £2,582.76 which is an annual increase of £840. This has resulted in my monthly payment increasing by £70 from £145 per month to £215 per month.

When you call them to complain about this increase they say they are not trying to trap you as insuring your pet is a choice - as a responsible pet owner this rings alarm bells.

On top of the £215 per month I am also expected to pay 20% excess of vet bills.

I think it is safe to say that Sainsbury's push people out of continuing with their insurance due to affordability which in turn puts animals lives at risk as some owners may decide to put animals to sleep because they can't afford premiums to continue with care.

Also, Sainsbury's state that they can do direct payments to your vet. Apart from the Queen Mother's Hospital for Animals I have yet to meet a vet practice that will accept this - I have always needed to pay myself and then claim back from Sainsbury's.

Another thing to watch out for is the comprehensive cover which covers up to £7,500 per condition. This seems like a good idea, however the cover does not reset each financial year. Once it is used it is gone. Other insurers give an annual overall limit of say £15,000 per year - this means your insurance limit refreshes each year.

Sainsbury's should be investigated by the ombudsman as they are clearly in the wrong business.

I'd be happy to coordinate a group complaint should any other customers have experienced the same increase in premium.

My premium increase this year is approx. 150%.




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