Money taken after the policy was cancelled!


We decided to cancel our policy with Many pets as the renewal quote was 100% higher than previous year! We already have conditions which are excluded, so the amounts we claim have been very minimal. £160 per month for a cocker spaniel is ridiculous! Anyway, I cancelled the policy online, but surprise surprise the robbing company MANY PETS have decided to take £160 from our bank account today, AFTER THE POLICY WAS CANCELLED!!!! I rang them and apparently it is going to take 10 days for us to get the money back! Seriously!!! This is causing us not being able to make our direct debit payments or buy petrol now!!! Total daylight robbery!! I have filed a complaint and will be taking this to financial ombudsman! AVOID this company at all cost! You will end up penniless! There was no apology or empathy! Total joke of a company!


Cocker Spaniel


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