Still waiting for vet invoice refund after 3 months and appalling customer service!


Three months after submitting a claim for an ongoing condition, we have still not received payment. I have chased and chased them and get not response. It isn't even for a large amount. The bill was submitted 3 months ago and they have now decided that they want notes from a different vet. We thought by paying the expensive premium, issues would be avoided but they are by far the worst pet insurance we have ever had. If I could give zero paws I would. I have cancelled our policy now and wonder how long it will take for this small invoice to be refunded. Please avoid, they say in their FAQs that: How fast will my claim get paid? We aim to process most of our accident and illness claims in less than 48 hours. Well each of the small claims I have had, this is not true! 3 months still unpaid is not 48 hours!


Mixed Breed


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