Avoid at all costs


Signed up to Pet Plan as my last dog passed away in 2022 with a tumour in her foot, and after several thousands of pounds she passed away but I knew she was old so I was at peace with this. After getting another dog I decided to take out pet insurance even though I hadn't before for the previous 15 years of owning a dog, due to hearing from several people that pet insurance companies fail to pay out. I decided to make my own opinion this time and take out pet insurance with Pet Plan, after doing my research. With Pet Plan a new injury you can claim immediately, and illness is after 14 days of taking out the policy.
Unfortunately the dog had a fall in the park a few days after taking out the policy and very badly injured his leg. He still limps today nearly 4 weeks after the injury. We took him to the vets and paid the consultation fee and he was given tablets. After 3 weeks we took him back as he still wasn't walking on it, and asked the vet for an xray. After the vet contacted the insurance company for approval, they denied as it was too soon after taking out the policy, even though they advertise as injury claim is immediate. Our dog is now still in pain and cannot walk on this foot. I have to say it's an utter disgrace how we have been treated, and the lies of this company is unbelievable. A typical insurance company that doesn't care about your animal and is only interested in taking money.
Myself and my wife are at an utter loss and lost confidence in this company.
Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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