My dog was quite ill recently, petplan did not pay my claim, I am now left with over £7,000 bill at tge vets.


My dog was really ill recently with his liver and gall bladder, the claims were sent to pet plan and they have not paid my claim and I am now left with over £7,000 to pay in vet bills. I pay an excessive amount each month, and when you need petplan to pay up they don’t pay. As your pet gets older the excess goes up annually along with the annual renewal premium. I am not at all happy as I pay nearly £70 a month to pet plan, and when you really need them to pay they find excuses not to pay up. Once your pet has a medical problem you are tied to them.
Do not use pet plan. I would not use petplan ever again, and I am seriously thinking of cancelling my plan with them as I do not see the point of them, they are wuite happy to take your money every month but do not pay up.


Lakeland Terrier


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