Paper based and apathetic


More than for two years in a row have not sent my policy on time.
It is paperbased and they do not send reminders or any communication over email they rely solely on the postal service.
They are behind the times
I had a call with customer service and they didn’t care I hadn’t received my docs they gave a fake feeling apology and were apathetic in terms of my feedback that my car insurance house insurance all are able to communicate via email.
She also couldn’t explain why my policy had increased by over £120 for a healthy young dog who had had no claims.
Pathetic excuses for the raise in policy.
Basically said I was free to cancel at any time as it was by invitation to have a policy, I pointed out I understood about “invitation to treat” and just wanted to offer feedback and get some sort of understanding. Asked for information about insurance and told she didn’t know anything only the underwriters know weighting etc and she wasn’t one, I couldn’t speak to one and again I was free to leave at any time.

Well done more than!

I actually rang for advice and to point out you have sent my policy for the second year in a row late.
Wanted generic information to support my plans for my dogs insurance long term and basically was not helped and told over three times I could leave at any time..... with customer service like that you will loose customers as now I am looking to leave!

I had recommended you for years and now from this one call I will never recommend you again.


Mixed Breed


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Posted: 13/02/2019

Some people (and I am one of them) like companys that are "behind the times". A paper-based service is far better than a screen-based electronic service in my opinion. I've had dreadful service from countless companies that are web-based and paperless and hence not "behind the times" Perhaps your other complaints are valid and the service PDSA provides is below par, However I don't think being "behind the times" is a legitimate complaint.