Terrible, outdated, money grabbing


MoreThan are quite literally the worst insurers I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I've made two claims with them and both have been a nightmare. They don't pay up front like most reputable insurers, they will try and underhanded tactic to avoid paying (I actually had the claim "advisor" pretend to get the dates I'd told him wrong to attempt to invalidate my claim- I was 2 weeks into a 12 MONTH claim period so it was pretty jarringly obvious). A claim I made for emergency vet bill costing nearly £2000 took months to settle and I was out of pocket the whole time. Scummy, thieving, evil company. They've also got no online functionality so everything has to be done via post or phone call, the most advanced thing you can do is email a PDF of your claim form. Not that they'll do anything with it.


Mixed Breed


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