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My dog is insured with Petplan through pets at home and I use their vets for pets services. I've insured him for lifetime cover since he was a puppy so every year I get £4,000 to spend on vets bills. He has had an ongoing conditions since he was 3 (now 8) and so far they have payed out for all his treatment. I would recommend this company to anyone. Always get cover for life as yearly plans don't insure you for any previous ongoing conditions.


Labrador Mix


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Posted: 02/09/2019
By: karen Leahy

I have 4 dogs insured with Pet Plan one of our dogs has a condition that he will have for the rest of his life and we pay out nearly £400 a year for him and didn't realise we could claim back as he is covered for lifelong conditions. We recently asked for this put in our claims for last two years as apparently we could and got £11 back ? Its disgusting we have paid out a fortune and pay £60 a month for this premium cover