Caught out and had to pay


My dog Barley ruptured his cruciate ligament and was referred to a specialist to do an up to date repair as he was insured. WRONG---- Pet Protect cap their payment at £750 when the surgery is £2800 for the op and overnight stay, plus £350 for the x-rays. I am going to put in the whole payment and if they deduct £95 excess and 15% from the claim I will go to the ombudsman for unfair T&Cs. So disappointed in Pet Protect, we pay for insurance to stop worry about huge bills like this and have to find nearly £3k.


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Posted: 30/06/2019
By: Andrea

Exactly the same has happened to us, vet said to us Lola has ruptured her Cruciate ligament have you insurance?, yes we said. Now having studied our insurance policy, it seems we can only claim £750, disgusting!! you pay your premiums, thinking whatever crops up you will be insured, it appears not!! Did you get anywhere with the ombudsman?

Posted: 14/12/2019
By: Judy

Exactly the same has just happened with our claim. £700 first x rays £3500 for surgery. After understanding we would be insured by petprotect we find out despite paying 2 x £95 and 15% of both bills, petprotect only pay £750 per year. We still have £350 to pay for last x Ray to confirm treatment worked well. I don’t suppose ombudsman helped at all as like us, the small print says maximum £750 per year. Glad our Harvey is on the mend but only winners are insurance and vets.