Shocking hike in premiums


Animal Friends added £70 after Year 1 for Lifetime Cover, which I reluctantly accepted. Then after Year 2 they added another £70! I put my dog's details into comparison site and instead of my £308 renewal, Animal Friends were offering the same cover for £101. How does that work? I challenged them on this and was basically told to go away in short jerky movements.


Mixed Breed


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Posted: 28/01/2019

This is my third year of insurance with Animal Friends with a Prestige policy, I made a claim in the first year and the following year my insurance went up about £50 . I made no claim the second year and my insurance has gone up by just under £1000 to over £1500 per year !!! They are doing a price review !!!but I was told that their new business price is £109 per month and due to my claim , the cost of vet fees and the dogs age (he is 7.)