do not use this company


I would have given them 'zero' if that was a rating option. Utterly rubbish at understanding, never mind providing, basic customer service. I submitted a claim in August 2018. After many weeks of unneccesary delays and no apologies and mistakes on their side I submitted a complaint early November. The claim was finally paid out in November and Peter Cross, team leader, contacted me to offer me £50 compensation for the poor service received. I was told that the money will be in my account by the 12th November. It is now the 20th November and I'm still waiting on the compensation. I have tried to contact Mr Cross twice for an update but my messages are being ignored.

So not only will they drag their feet to deal with your complaint but they will also not honour their own compensation offer.

Do I need to say that I will be cancelling my policy and never be a Tesco customer again....


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