I cancelled my policy before comnencement
date due to their inability to apply any logic ir
common sense as we have rehomed a cat from
a well known charity. Our 9 month old cat had stress tummy
when he first arrived at their centre, this resolved quickly and he was fully checked fit by the charity vet before he left their care. With no reoccurence!
Despite saying, and proving that he is fit & well by
sending vets notes, they wanted to exclude all fastro
conditions for 3 months which I understood as part of
their risk assesment - however they insisted we pay
for a vet check/ letter & records to be sent after 3
months as evidence . Given the cost this would incur and it would negate
any saving!
I cancelled , however trying to cancel is made
difficult incredibly time consuming and despite my clear
reasoning they repeatedly emailed before finallly confirming
policy cancelled - please note all was within a few days of
setting it up- they do not seem tp recognise 14 day cooling off


Domestic Short Hair


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