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Had to take one of our three dogs to the emergency vet at 2am a few weeks ago. The dogs are covered by Animal Friends Pet insurance so got a claim form and was hoping to get some of the ,£220 back. Got a letter back to saying because we took the dog to an emergency vet during out of hours , we won't be getting a penny. Policy says not allowed to take pets to emergency out of hours vet. At 2 am in the morning I wasn't going to look at the policy booklet. Tomorrow morning will cancel all the dogs insurance.

Check policy before buying or before your pet gets ill.


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 20/04/2019
By: ken

totally agree same thing to me & hundreds others AVOID ANIMAL FRIENDS

Posted: 20/01/2023
By: Suzanne

I am so sorry this has happen to you and your pup. We have had the same experience, my small mixed Chi has grade 4 heart failure. We rushed him to the emergency vet on New Year’s Day 2023 as he had been coughing non stop for 12 hours. We lost our other dog to the same condition in March 2022 so we were not taking any chances. Our bill was £360 and out of this they are paying £60. I would change insurance companies if my dog was younger. The name Animal Friends is misleading, they certainly are not any animals friend.