Waste of Money


Unfortunately, I have recently lost my dog and was hoping to claim. However by the time all of the small print clauses were applied, no claim was “valid”. There policy wording is very misleading and after paying a premium of about £370, I am disgusted that they have managed to avoid any claim!! There response to EMails was abysmal, generally taking over a week to respond and the chat facility was also useless. If you have a dog over 8, don’t waste your money insuring it! I also asked for a refund on unused months, but guess what, the small print states that no refunds are given!!! I think that it is very unethical for an insurance company to protect itself from most claims!! Disgraceful company!


Golden Retriever


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Posted: 17/10/2018

We insured our dog with Animal Friends for years. Surprise, surprise, when she eventually became ill and died they twisted and turned like snakes in a sack to find reasons not to pay out regarding the vet's extensive fees. They are a disgusting bunch of shysters. It really isn't worth the stress dealing with them. Avoid them like the plague.