Beware of "continuous cover"


My puppy, from an assured breeder, came with the free 4 week insurance from KC. After about ten days I received a letter from them saying that to ensure "continuous cover" I should take out a full policy now. I did this straight away. Just two days before the free period ended my puppy was diagnosed with demodectic mange which resulted in several months of treatment, skin scrapings etc. until she was finally given the all clear. The KC insurance declined to pay the bill as they said it was a pre existing condition, because it was diagnosed before the policy proper started. Obviously my understanding of continuous cover is different from theirs. I had taken out my policy over the phone and had enquired about just this type of scenario and was assured everything would be covered. After a battle, they listened to my call recording, they paid out but when the renewal came in the price had more than doubled. I would look elsewhere for insurance.


Toy Mixed Breed (1 - 10 lbs)


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