What’s going on!!


I got my ins renewal for one of my dogs, a 4 year old terrier x and it had gone up by almost 75% ! I thought they must have made a mistake so rang them up to say this. The advisor agreed it did seem a very big increase but offered no explanation other than the usual, claims (none in the last 3 yrs) vet prices in the area. Area we live (same address) The breed. Claims on dogs the same breed in the area (what??) etc. she said said ‘Yes that’s fine I can cancel that for you’ .... Yes! I did want to cancel.. too right I did! But I also wanted a satisfactory explanation for the MASIVE increase, but got none! Hugely disappointed with Tesco Inc. because I have been with them for years!! (I also have two older pets ins with them) I have made a couple of claims in the past and have to say they were excellent! But this year’s price rise is absolutely scandalous!!


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 22/09/2018

I've just had my renewal and I was shocked too. £1320.55! an increase of over £600! I am appalled. I feel your pain and I can see that Tesco has become greedy. :(

Posted: 21/11/2018

I’ve had the exact same issue! Policy was doubled, they couldn’t give me a justified reason for it. I sucked up the increase but 2 years on the now expect me to go from £64 a month to £92 a month!
I’ve been with them for over 15 years but am now cancelling my policy.