Would not advise


Was at the vet and referred to a veterinary hospital for heart problems. I called up More than to make sure that i would be covered. Afterwards I called up to chase the claim and was informed that if i have used a vet that wasn't on their list i would get a £200 fine, so i told them that i had called up in advance and no one told me about that. When i took out the insurance 3 and a half years ago there was nothing said that this would be the case. I was told by the vet hospital that this is a new thing, so when i got my policy renewal this March it was written in small print on the back of the renewal, but i only read the front bit because i wasn't aware that there were changes to my policy. i really should have paid the extra pounds to go with a better insurance after something similar happened to my boyfriend with a different policy and a different dog but the same poor company. he ended up with the Ombudsman agreeing with a compensation figure.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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