penalises owners whodo the correct thing and spay


This review relates to Marks and Spencers pet insurance which is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance.

Disgusted that this company penalises responsible pet owners who following vets advice do the right thing and spay their dogs.They charge £50.00 extra per year as they say spayed dogs make more claims!!!!No other insurance company does this which surely if it is true they would do?To make matters worse I have informed them every year that our dog has been spayed and every year they have said it does not affect the policy however this year on informing them their paperwork was again incorrect up went the amount the complaints lady even had the breath taking audacity to say I was lucky that they were not backdating the amount for the last 6 years.
The initial advisor I spoke to even seemed shocked. In this current climate where there are so many unwanted puppies HOW DARE they do this, Marks and Spencers should hang there heads in shame to have their name associated with this disgusting charge,we have to stay with them as our dog is elderly but we will never ever recommend them or any other company that is underwritten by ROYAL SUN Alliance and shall shortly be moving our other pets to another insurer that has more morals and does not charge extra for spayed pets.


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Posted: 25/09/2018

Thank you for writing your review. I too have just been told that my pet's insurance would increase this year because I had her spayed. Unbelievable that responsible pet owners are being penalised by M&S. Luckily my dog is young and I can find alternative comparable insurance at a much lower cost. M&S also told me that my cavachion would be charged at a higher rate as she is crossed with 2 breeds and not a minimum of 3 to categorise her as a crossbred!!!!