I have been a customer for over 13 years and have discovered after discussing a recent claim that despite paying £100 per month and having an excess amount of £145, I now have to pay 20% of the overall vet bill aswell!! Was told it is because my dog is old, which I understand is the reason for my month payments increasing and my excess but to add a further penalty payment as 'he's old' (there words not mine) is unfair. So basically am getting TWO charges for my dog living a long life.
How it works out:
£100 p/m insurance charge
£145 excess
£65 Blood test
£203.80 20% of vets estimate.
= £513.80 (vets bill is £1010 so paying nearly half!)

Would work out more in my favour if i cancelled my policy and just banked the £100 into a savers account.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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