By bye Argos


I have been with Argos for three years on a multi pet policy for my two cats, aged 6 and 7. Last year my premium was £386. I received my renewal two days ago which has now risen to £582! Pick me up off the floor someone. For one cat, who I haven't made any claims for, it has risen by £50.
The younger one, who I've made four claims for this last year, it has gone up by £150.
I contacted Argos yesterday and asked how much my premium would reduce if I raised my excess by £50 and was given a figure, still in the £500's but better than £582. I then sent them an e-mail asking for a revised quote based on the rise of the excess. Last night I received a reply saying I I could not change the excess and my premium would stand at £582. So, the wording on their website stating you can choose your own excess is a lie!
So much for customer loyalty! I realise changing companies leaves me with two pre-existing conditions I can't claim for but I won't be ripped off by greedy companies who care nothing for their customers. So, today I have cancelled the insurance and will be going elsewhere.


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