Do not insure with petplan


Have been paying petplan insurance for our West highland terrier for 11 years without making a claim. I pay £39 per month for cat and dog. Dog developed a skin condition about a year ago , after several visits to the vet decided it time to claim on petplan. Over £200 pounds spent. Petplan say we can not claim anything as this has been going on for over a year.
I just want to know why I have payed several thousand pounds to petplan and they refuse to help. Not a penny towards what we have paid to the vet.
Take my advice do not use this company and wast your money.


West Highland White Terrier


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Posted: 24/04/2019
By: john

i also was insured with Petplan for 12years and they refused to pay out on my very fist claim saying the cat had hyperthyroid a year before my claim,do not use them just put the cash away each month ,