Beware this company has the following get out clau


Beware this company has the following get out clause which means you may not get paid your full claim.

1.2 Specific Conditions
1.2.1 Level of vet fees allowed:
We reserve the right to obtain a second opinion from our vet advisor
where we consider:
• Vet fees charged appear greater than conventional fees charged by an attending referral practice; and/or
• Treatment received may not have been required or may have been excessive when compared with treatment conventionally undertaken by an attending referral practice.

There is a total lack of transparency on what limits are being applied and furthermore the limits are decided by a veterinary advisor in Animal Friends employment, which means that the amounts are biased in their favour. This not acting in the customer’s best interests who may end up paying more in the course of Veterinary Treatment for their Pet, as in my case.

My Dog Tzu-Chi was referred to the Royal Veterinary College Queen Mother Hospital for Sick Animals by Foxgrove MediVet as they were unable to diagnose what was the underlying cause of his life threatening and eventually ending Breathing Difficulties. Because his condition was life threatening and also an out of hours emergency where veterinary costs are much higher, and due to the fact he was looked after in an Intensive Care Unit where costs would again be much higher. I strongly believe that the costs incurred to treat him were fully justifiable and due to the intensive level of care he was receiving, would have been much higher than the limits for treatment being unfairly applied by the Animal Friends Veterinary Advisor.

I will be referring the matter to the Financial Ombudsman.




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Posted: 31/12/2018

I too have had a similar issue recently regarding an overnight hospitalisation of my dog. Animal friends are now telling me that the £181.00 charged is above the £100 national average (?) and therefore will not cover this fee in full. It is not the monies that is the issue, more the principal and this is not stated in their exclusions of cover. Animal Friends again referred me to section 1.2.1 of the small print. I too will be referring this to the Insurance ombudsman, FCA and BBC Watchdog!