Am pleased I did not renew


I must of been one of the lucky ones as I had to make a claim and almost all of it was paid out £811. But it took over 2 months of sending emails (never had a reply to any) and phone calls always very polite but seemed not to have any idea what they were doing. My policies all 3 were up for renewal and I thought long and hard before not going ahead as my dogs were getting older yes I was paid out but it was for a simple lump removal which they could not argue about and most of the reviews are so bad I could not go through all that stress again as I had to pay the vet up front. I had been sent the renewal notice and it was going up to £16.51 each dog from £11 as I already had a saving fund for them I thought I would not renew but today they have tried to take out of my bank £21 for each dog which means they had put the premiums up without even telling me but I had already phoned them and cancelled and also cancelled the direct debit so they did not get the money...Be careful if you are thinking of taking out this insurance as it may not be all it seems.....


Irish Setter


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