Awful insurance company


What an awful company got in touch with them as we put a claim in for our dog they said they hadn’t received it we checked with the vets and they said the forms were completed and sent the lady on the phone then told me it would be pointless in claiming as with the excess and also the /20% deduction for her age of 10 years something we did not know it would be pointless I have now also sent 2 emails as to which they guarantee to get back to you in 2 days and never have all I would say to people is check your policy thoroughly when renewing as they put added clauses in and don’t make you aware of changes


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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Posted: 14/08/2018

I have to report similar problems,with Animal Friends breaking their own term & conditions with regards to claims turnaround times and payout , we are still waiting for our claims payment, after 3 phone calls, even the vets practise manager was "talked" off the we will pursue a failure to maintain "contractual terms claim under the Insurance ombudsman, then to all out there pursue them via the small claims courts ( £60.fee payable for for breach of contract, you all have the required would they react if every client found reason not to pay their monthly fee..make them suffer financial loss, go to other firms, tell all other pet owners etc.