I swapped to M&S Pet Insurance when I got my second dog as they offered a competitive price for more than 1 dog. Some 3 years later when my Brittany Spaniel had to have x/rays on his legs and was diagnosed with osteo arthritis. I submitted my claim to M&S for the cost of the X/Ray and the medication prescribed, Metacam.
I was informed by M&S that my claim had been refused because Alf, my Brittany Spaniel, had previously been diagnosed with soft tissue damage. I explained that the breed is energetic and that I as a runner suffer from soft tissue damage but do not have arthritis. My vet has submitted a report saying that the previous soft tissue damage did not relate to a diagnosis of arthritis but M & S have replied with "In most cases soft tissue damage end up with a diagnosis of arthritis, therefore your claimed has been refused". When I added the soft tissue damage was only diagnosed on the left but X/Rays were bilateral so I would expect a contribution, M & S relied you will have to submit a new application. I am still fighting their decision but feel I am just being fobbed off each time I call. Would definitely NOT recommend


Brittany Spaniel


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