Our dog went in for an intestinal blockage, which they refused to cover. We had to pay £4000 for our dog who was just over 1 who finally died, and the company paid out £800 yet still want us to pay the rest of our late dogs policy... If you have lost your car you are entitled to cancel your insurance why not with pets?
CHECK YOUR POLICIES BEFORE TAKING THEM AS I HAVE FOUND A LOT OF COMPANIES ARE DOING THIS, They do not mention about death but state that cancelling for whatever reason will result in paying the remainder of the policy. This company have done very little for my situation and the claims made took an excessive amount of time going back and forth from my vets, The veterinary practice that we attend agreed that there was far more paper work than necessary.

We will be cancelling other pet insurance with you at the end of the year and will not recommend this company to anyone.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 06/11/2018

did you refer this to the financial ombudsman