Rip off!!!!!


Don't use Tesco pet insurance, they don't payout!!!! You take out the policy in good faith and when you they refuse, god forbidden you ask to speak to a supervisor it's a 3 day call back!!! They claim pre existing condition for arthritis he that he has only just been diagnosed for and had NEVER had it before. Save your money don't give it Tesco, according to the call center they are proud they refuse 90% of claims and use pre existing as an excuse. Well done for admitting that Gerry on the claims team. They didn't have take the time to let me know they had refused my claim, I found out 4 days after by finding a claim tracker on the website!!! Be warned people and Tesco I'm taking this to the ombasman!!!!


Large Mixed Breed (60+ lbs)


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Posted: 24/11/2018

Exactly the same happened to me. I was with them for 10 years and never claimed before. Put in a claim and they refused to pay out said it was a preexisting condition even though it wasnt