Poor Customer Contact.


My Insurance came to an end. I received there renewal quote. But having researched numerous comparison websites. I found the Insurance emporium to be cheaper and offered more than my renewal from Debenhams. So I proceeded to purchase from Emporium. When I checked my bank the other day, I noticed that Debenhams had taken a payment for a new cover, which I didn’t agree or sign for. So I emailed them on the link provided. Nothing heard. I’ve left it four days and subsequently emailed them again. Highlighting the fact that this is my second email. It’s now the fifth day. No contact, no emails, no calls and now they have received confirmation from my bank I cancelled the direct debit. Which is resulted in me being charged £30 cancellation fee...
folks take your business elsewhere.....I can’t believe five days have past... no communication... awful!!!
Go to money supermarket... better deals and better prices..


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