Look elswhere Petplan is a ripoff


For 13 years I had my little bitch insured with this lot called petplan and can say its a rip off. The fees increased every year whether a claim was made or not but in my case during my little girls younger life very few claims were made but at the age of 11 she developed diabetes and the claims were pretty regular but with every claim the surcharge was ridiculously high and when I questioned them they said its because the dog was older and to me surely the monies I paid in when she was young should have compensated for her old age but it did not, I questioned them and she she had cover for life why is it so expensive and all they sad was because of the age so I cancelled insurance because I felt for years I had paid monies to insure her I was not getting a return for it. My little westie passed away last week at a ripe old age of 14 1/2 years old and I looked after her without the help of these ripoff merchants who questioned every claim and made you pay a premium for treatment so my advice stay away from Petplan


West Highland White Terrier


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