Shocking Caps on Cruciate Ligament Issues


I'm so wishing I'd paid the extra and gone with another insurance company. My dog has recently undergone cruciate ligament surgery on both her back legs, leaving me with a bill of over £6000.
I was aware that my 'lifetime plus' insurance policy would cover me for £6000 so I wasn't too upset paying the vet and handing over my claim form fully expecting to receive my money back from the insurance company.

I was then shocked and appalled when the insurance company only agreed to pay out £750 in total stating that there was a CAP in place on 'ANY' cruciate ligament issues.

I'd love to know where I can go to get 2 cruciate ligament operations for my dog for £750!

The insurers response to me when I complained was that as it was a common claim they had imposed the CAP to lessen the amounts of pay outs and that I might need the remaining balance of my £6000 yearly coverage amount for something else that might happen to my dog......probably wouldn't pay out on that anyway!!

In my opinion the CAP placed on the policy is far too low and I will be making a formal complaint to the financial ombudsman in an effort to force this company either to remove the CAP all together or at the very least raise it to a more realistic amount.

In the meantime please do not use this insurance company and ensure that you discuss all CAPS on any policies you may or may not take out.


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Posted: 17/09/2018

I was just about to insure with this company before coming across your review. So BIG thank you for informing me of these ridiculous and uncaring attitudes and clauses.

Posted: 29/10/2018

Just been caught out by this very thing, of a £4K bill, they will only pay £750. I feel sick.

Posted: 21/01/2021
By: Penny wilkinson

The exact same thing happened to me both back legs and only paid out £750 I was disgusted as have always paid insurance for 5 dogs and never have never made a claim, am always hearing on the tv about people ripping off insurance companies how about when it’s the other way round

Posted: 02/11/2021
By: Helen

We have just fallen foul of the same problem. £750 is less than a quarter of the actual cost of the cruciate ligament operation that our dog has just had. How are people expected to realise this unless they have prior knowledge of the actual cost of the operation - it’s all very well stating in the information that there is a £750 cap but it should also say what the actual cost might be! We feel that we have been totally ripped off and just so thankful that we could afford to make the payment- others might not be in the same position.

Posted: 11/11/2021
By: Kay R

I so wish I had googled this sooner. Having never heard of a cruciate ligament before, I wasn't phased by the policy limit of £750, now I find myself having to choose between debt & my dogs well being. I can't believe they can get away with including the initial xray & consultation costs in the policy limit. The policy limit applies to treatment, xrays etc. Are diagnostic, two completely different things!! I will be telling everyone I can far and wide to AVOID pet protect at all costs. Disgusting!!

Posted: 02/08/2022
By: Melanie Mackeprang

I feel your pain .happened to me .operation was £3800 and it was capped at 2k renewed the policy on being told would be covered an other £1800 paid to have plate out wouldn't pay a thing .even being a life time cover Out of interest I read my other dog insurance she had 10k lifetime cover and the op was capped at 3k

Posted: 05/08/2022
By: A Grandon

Just had the same horror show. My dog is recovering from £4,000 worth of cruciate repair surgery and just found out that my insurers have capped it at £750. I honestly don't know how I am going to pay this bill.

Posted: 19/08/2022
By: Ray Knott

I am in the process of having our dog operated on for cruciate ligament issues, and have been quoted £3200 for one leg. The insurance company Purely Pets have capped the claim at £2000. I am paying for £9000 cover per policy year, so what a rip off. The whole point of insurance is to give peace of mind if you have unexpected vet bills - not anymore! its just another racket. Can you imagine car insurance being run the same way - I don't think so!
August 2022