Unbelievable price hikes


Our French Bulldog is 4 years old and we've only ever been insured through MoreThan. The premium started off at £38pm for their top cover. Year 2 was £80pm and year 3 was £123pm. I received the renewal through today for £232pm! We have claimed for an eye ulcer op, a couple of dermatology appointments as he chews his paws and medication. We made no claims in the last year. I am appalled that they are able to increase premiums year on year to such an extent and feel so justified in doing so. I wish we had never decided to go with them. Avoid at all costs.


French Bulldog


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Posted: 04/09/2018

We are having the same issue! went up from £156 to £295.

whats the solution? Did you just renew the policy and continue with them?