Don’t buy Sainsburys pet insurance



Sainsbury like to sell but not pay out. Sales process asks - has your dog been to the vet for other than checkup and has your pet been unwell. I answered and moved to them in good faith. I wish I hadn’t.

Our dog had been a well dog (now 7). The only thing we noticed when a pup he had a one testicle. We discussed it with the vet who said it may not have another, or it may be retained, we may consider castration. He only went to the vet for checkups apart from one small bout of kennel cough.
2nd April he started lying down a fair bit. I took him to the vet who suggested he may have a swollen blander. After scans we discovered a growth. He was rushed in, had successful surgery to remove a retained testicle. All tests clear of any cancerous cells or spread of cancer. £6000.
We made a claim that week. (They pay claims in 8 days) Heard nothing. After weeks of chasing and complaining they have decided to reject the claim because he had a preexisting condition. His history was clear to them when we took out the policy in good faith.
Sadly, we moved to them the year before for cheaper prices!
They are, however sending me £50 to cover their bad service and all the time it has taken to provide me with an answer.
I have now read all the reviews online and completely agree, they will do anything not to pay! He also had a small bump on his tail, aspirated and clear when he was two, now gone, he’s now not covered for anything!
I am taking this to the ombudsmen, but please think twice before taking out a policy with them, even if 2 months are free!


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Posted: 10/08/2018

Totally agree terrible company will do anything not to pay out! Happy to take your money though. Have never recieved such terrible customer service,do not respond to e mail or phone calls. Do not use!!