Overpriced and unwilling to pay out


Having paid £36 a month for 3 years (almost £1,300!!) I found 2 lumps on my dog, who after a £35 inspection by the vet had a £435 operation to remove both of them at the same time. The vet sent off the detailed information in good time, however after 6 weeks I still haven't received any money. I called them today and they told me the payment has nearly cleared, however the payment I'll be receiving is only £116!! I queried this low payment as it should be £244, but they've told me that as 2 lumps were removed I've had to pay 2 Excess payments!! Absolute thieves! The excesses required by KC are more than double most reputable competitors, and THEN they also add on another 20% excess payment which I already knew was outrageously high, but I presumed I was getting a better service! I have lodged a complaint and an appeal with KC which will no doubt be refused, so I will then report them to the Financial Ombudsman. They are a disgraceful, overpriced company that takes way too long to pay out; they're thieving, lying, manipulative and the worst option for pet insurance anywhere. STAY WELL AWAY!


Schnauzer - Standard


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