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I recently received my new policy pet insurance increase for my 6 year old cat that I have never claimed for, it has gone up so so much started at £10 a year now its £36 a year. When I rang them to complain about a £10 a month increase in a year they told me its because I claimed in 2015. I told them I have never claimed they told me I’m wrong. When I took the matter further they said oh yes we made a mistake you haven’t claimed. But when I said that’s why my insurance has gone up they said no. I feel like Tesco is scamming people. Also they said I might have to wait 20 days for the complaints department to call me. It’s disgusting. Stay away from this policy. DO NOT GET CONNED LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS SITE ARE BEING. TESCO YOU NEED TO READ YOUR REVIEWS.
I went on line with Tesco to see what they would charge with all the same details and the best policy came out at £15.77 the policy I’m on came out at £9.32 a month, how can they justify charging me £36 a month ????????
It doesn’t pay to be loyal. Change insurance every year if you have never claimed ............. It’s a JOKE


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Posted: 30/07/2018

This person is correct. You must always shop around a few weeks before your insurance expires. If you are loyal then you are paying for the company to offer discounts to the new customers. However when comparing check the policy details carefully because older pets will more likely suffer long term issues. Sometimes if you move then you lose your cover so check, double check and call them and record the conversation if possible.
But always shop yearly on all your insurance. My PET Insurance went up from £167 to £217 and I can see the same company offering cheaper insurance with similar cover.

Posted: 04/09/2018

Daylight ROBBERY by Tesco Pet Insurance ... doubling of premiums each year if you have a dog BEWARE .....