Avoid, avoid, avoid!!


I feel absolutely scammed by this firm, after spending two weeks chasing them up I anticipated the way this claim would go when reading reviews, I then eventually got an unhelpful text (the first contact in the whole process) stating your claim is being prosessed, checked online it had been rejected, stating that there was an pre existing condition, there wasn’t, which they wouldn’t of paid regardless, so pretty pointless all round for insurers. Clearly exploiting customers for money based on reviews here and do not have animal welfare at heart, awful compared to Tesco, John Lewis who provide a proper service.
If your pet has had a pre existing condition as simple as vomiting I was told they would not pay so pretty much everything.


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 27/06/2018

Thank you, your comments are so helpful and so true.
I'm having an extremely difficult time with a legitimate claim
My only hope is my Vet will help resolve it.
My elderly spaniel was diagnosed with vestibular syndrome in May this year Petplan insists he had in 2013 no way the dog has never had a claim and never vestibular until now