Let me start by saying I am an insurance broker of 20 years so I should know what I am doing when it comes to Insurance... How wrong I was.

I bought this policy through Confused.com and having been with Direct Line for 11 years, I noticed their renewal premiums for my 2 dogs were getting really costly so decided to look about. I felt safe doing so as neither of my dogs have had anything medical conditions previously.

I read through the summary of cover document and picked a policy that seemed to fit the bill. I didn't go for the cheapest as I didn't like the covers.

Typical in that just after taking out the policy, one of my dogs snapped her cruciate ligament and so I had to make a claim.

I have to say the claims service has been completely abysmal. The whole process was so confusing, my poor vets have completed claims forms 3 times. I made a formal complaint about the service to which my complaint was declined.

My Dogs incident was November 2017, it's now Mid May 2018 and I have still not had all of the money, they have paid circa £250 with £1500 still outstanding.

I so regret moving from Direct line and wish I had paid the additional monthly premiums. If you read this and haven't purchased the policy yet, honestly don't do it. Although Legal and General is a reputable name (which is why I trusted buying it) this Pet Insurance is all farmed out to a third party and does not live up to the company's reputation.

Before buying, just ask yourself how much your pet's mean to you!


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 04/06/2018

I feel your pain- I wish I had read these reviews before going with Legal and General. I thought I had picked wisely with a well known company however what a horrendous experience. Amusingly they sent me renewal documents today having still not settled my current claim and I am part way through the complaint procedure. There customer service is awful and I will make sure I tell as many people about the horrendous claims process.

Posted: 19/06/2018

I too would never insure with L&G ever again. My dog sadly died this March on Mother’s Day (2018) .
After putting claim in I was assured ithe bill had been paid directly to my vets.
My vet was hesitant to ring me last week, still not paid.
Numerous phone calls and they paid up 😡