Having been a loyal customer with the Kennel Club for 9 years I have now deemed cover elsewhere, (Pet Plan). The KC have increased my insurance this year from £800 to £1400 and I have two dogs which meant I was paying just under £3000 insurance per year. How can any organisation get away with increasing by 80% in any one year. Having had several telephone calls I am still not satisfied of their answers. The reasons were 1) they have had a 'cap' on previous years increases (rubbish previous years went up by £300!) 2) Based upon postcode (vets costs do not vary that much across postcode areas).
My biggest concern of all is that the Kennel Club represent the welfare of dogs in particular however what you are doing KC is forcing people to abandon their pets to the nearest dogs home. And don't blame your underwriters, you have the final say don't you? My advice to the public is formally complain like I am - many voices can make a difference and stop this exploitation.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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