I chose Animal Friends because of reviews , however I’m sorry I did When I joined I told them my dog had a history of uninary infections. My poor dog who is 15 years old now seems to have bladder cancer and when she urinates she passes blood. It’s cost over £1000 to finally see the tumour in a scan which the vet is 99 percent sure is cancer. Animal Friends are refusing to pay out saying she could have had this cancer all her life which caused the infections before we joined. They want to know 100 percent it’s cancer but putting my dog through adangerous investigations could kill her due to her age. It’s stupid I’m sure I would have noticed the blood years ago if she had it all her life and at 15 I’m sure if she had this cancer as they say she would have passed away long before now. The vets are trying to fight my cause and they have told me Animal Friends are always the same, so it seems I’m not the only one. Please think twice before you join!!!


-- Mixed Breed (weight when full grown) --


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