Pre existing condition, N/A


Dog Has raging tonsillitis, Tesco already paid out once, Referred to Pride Vets Derby. For scans and endoscope as cough inrtmitten ,now Tesco saying that because he had Kennel cough 20-15 and was with another insurance company,. They are saying that kennel cough is a pre- existing condition. And has refused so far. Still more test results to come. Cost so far. £3,000 paid to Pride for treatment. Before that £200 with my own vet.. Was told by Pride that you pay 50% up front half of the cost of treatment. I only had £780 on me and paid that , how do they think that people have this sort of money around. I am an OAP was asked if I had a credit card. No I don't not enough in cheque account. So had to take from various " sources to pay, luckily I just had enough tto cover cost. A bit miffed to say the least. What annoys me is first thing asked when you take animal to a vet is are you insured. Only interested in money. Not animal no idea what is going to happen if he needs ongoing treatment IE drugs.


Jack Russell Terrier


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