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My dog developed a auto immune skin disease, losing fur at an alarming rate no energy and generally very low. We thought we were going to lose him.He has needed blood tests anti biotics and steroids which has of course been expensive an is on going. I was not too concerned as I believed him to be insured, however when the vet submitted the claim it was rejected on the grounds that he had Pruitis in 2016. They have conveniently, for them, taken the view that the conditions are connected (there has to be 24 clear months before dog is assumed cleared of condition)even though the symptoms are radically different. My vet has contacted Trent Services who apparently underwrite Lifetime Pet Cover and it seems the only way to proceed is to put my dog through a biopsy to give them the evidence for the claim to succeed. I am not prepared to put my boy through this, an anaesthetic always carries an element of danger apart from the discomfort, he is suffering enough already. One pays insurance for situations precisely like this one and I feel cheated. I read the policy documents but and still cannot see how the claim failed except by extreme interpretation of the small print naturally to my disadvantage. I shall now have to apply for a loan. Please be warned.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 24/05/2018

Dear Mr Ringrose,

We understand your disappointment in having a claim denied, which is even more distressing when your pet is ill. While we want all of our customers to feel happy in their experience with Lifetime Pet Cover, unfortunately there will be occasions when claims are turned down. In all documentation that you receive, it states that pre-existing conditions (chronic and within last 24 months) and any related conditions are excluded from cover and we, like you are bound by these documents. Sadly, the condition for which you submitted a claim has been linked back to a condition from 2016 and as such, it has been denied. We are always happy to review claims decisions but upon further discussion with your vet, no evidence could be found to contradict this. As discussed on the phone, we can review again if any additional information can be submitted. You are also able to escalate this to the Financial Ombudsman if you continue to feel that the decision is unjust.

Your sincerely,

Lifetime Pet Cover