Priced out - More Than profiteering bar-stewards


We've had our little Cava Tzuh insured with More Than for over 10 years. Apart from a cruciate ligament op as a puppy, we've never claimed until the last few years when he has developed a heart condition. The excess on each new claim has risen from £75 to £150. The 10% excess on each bill has risen to 20%. Our vets run a pet health club which gives you 10% off all meds... This used to offset the 10% excess from More Than, until the insurance company caught wind of this and insisted that the discount be passed to them. Cheeky side. Well we've almost maxed out the £8,000 limit so they won't be covering the heart condition any more, even so we've just had our renewal letter and the monthly premiums are going from £86 to £150. Plus on your annual renewal you have to pay an annual excess for each ongoing condition therefore, upon renewal they will expect a payment of over £450. It can't be done. I believe that they've deliberately done this because they don't want to cover him any more.. they've priced us out.
It's absolutely disgusting!!!


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 17/05/2018

Totally agree with your comments. Our MoreThan insurance for our cat was £110 two years ago. Made a claim under the £8k condition limit which requires ongoing meds monthly. Lat year went up to £188 and the renewal for this year is £450. A deliberate ploy to stop us from renewing and recoup some of the losses....its a total rip off and the ombudsman should step in to stop this sort of action. They are happy to take your premiums, but if you want to actually use the policy they penalise you.