Renewal saved us money


Initially our renewal quote was higher as all of them seem to be second year round, and we noticed that it was considerably cheaper to apply through the comparison site for the same policy, so rang up and then sent proof of this by way of a screen grab. The lady dealing with us, Jade, was brilliant and found that the weight of our dog had changed (she's not very big and has lost weight) so that's why the price on the website was so much lower. She amended the price and said we could reapply for the lower price without any problems or, if we wanted to we could pay another twenty pounds and go from the £2,000 policy to the £3,000 policy. This was still twenty pounds cheaper than both the original renewal offer and what we paid last year so we went for that. Great customer service! Thank you.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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