Purchased full cover for the dog in year 1- £700... if you can afford it, you want the best for your best friend, right? Unfortunately, the dog had to have surgery end of year 1 which crossed over into year 2... understandable that the premium then went up, but it doubled to £1.4k and in year 3 doubled again... as £2.8k felt very painful, we reduced the cover and paid 2k - still a fortune but he did have surgery, so we just grinned and beared it. No claims for pretty much 2 years now and year 4’s premium just came through... £3.6k. It’s just mental. Now we have the pre-existing condition of hip displaysia on the horizon for the future.. it will eventually need meds and potentially surgery, so changing the insurer isn’t ideal. They also get super aggressive in their letters if you don’t renew immediately (I.E. you’re thinking about how to deal with this insane premium). It’s just not right. You can’t keep doubling the cost every year!!


French Bulldog


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