Avoid at all costs. Any excuse not to pay out.


Paid the premiums and when our cat died of cancer they would not pay out as they said it was a pre existing condition although the first we knew about it was when the vet diagnosed it.


Domestic Short Hair


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Posted: 20/04/2018

couldnt agree more. we submitted a claim and they allege it took 16 days to reach them by which time it was 2 days out of time (90 day rule). I have cancelled the policy. i have lodged a complaint and will take the matter to the ombudsman or the small claims court. You should too. Your vet records will show that your cat has not be diagnosed with anything and they will have to pay out. So sorry for your loss though.This is the last thing you need.

Posted: 20/04/2018

Thanks everyone. I am sorry for your losses and disappointments. I will definitely not be insuring with animal friends! Your reviews are worthwhile.